Generation Ships are large, self-sustaining environment ships which allow for very slow interstellar travel at sub-light speed.

On April 23rd 3303 the first Generation Ship, called the Lycaon, was discovered lost deep in the Alaunus system by CMDR Lexic Meise. Studies of the craft, along with audio and text logs pulled from the vessel indicate that the crew perished as the result of a contagion originating from a asteroid sample taken during their voyage.

Lycaon Physician's Log Edit

Log 1 Edit

Physician's Log 2379/2

Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Minor injuries, aches and pains from the more vulnerable crew members and the usual bout of influenza you'd expect with so many people living in such close confines. It seems the current strain of influenza is becoming resistance to the vaccines we've developed on board.

Only thing of note was a minor injury to one of the survey team. Bottleib sustained a minor laceration. He was taking a mineral sample on a nearby asteroid. The suit got breached but he managed to apply an emergency seal before anything serious happened. I only hope the sample he took was worth the scar it's gonna leave.

Log 2 Edit

Physician's Log 2387/8

We have an emergency. The strain of influenza infecting the ship has become completely resistant to any vaccines or treatment we can find. 13% of the ship's population has now succumed to the infection and so far eight have died. I've initiated emergency measures and quarantined the infected. The epidemiologist, Doctor Munroe, is working round the clock to find a solution – I'm sure she'll come up with a cure before log.

Log 3 Edit

Physician's Log 2463/5

Doctor Munroe made a discovery that has filled me with dread. This contagion doesn't derive from the influenza epidemic – it's altogether more alien than that. The contaminant has no human origin – it comes from Gottleib, the scientist who was injured a few days ago. Whatever mineral he was taking a sample of must have got into his blood. It's mutated into some kind of virulent pathogen. Munroe is unable to isolate the microorganism that's causing it. It spreads... fast. Quarantine hasn't worked and people are starting to panic. We're doing our best to come up with a counteragent but I'm not sure we have the resources.

Log 4 Edit

Physician's Log 2499/9

We are lost. Munroe died two days ago and any chance we had of finding a cure for this epidemic died with her. Half the ship's population is already dead and 98% of those remaining are infected. Teams are working round the clock to vent the bodies into space but they're piling up so quickly... The riots haven't helped. People panicking, angry, don't know what to do. When you see your family die I guess you just get desperate.

I don't know what to do. Suppose I should do my job but it's no use. At least I've avoided infection. For now...

Log 5 Edit

Physician's Log 2501/7

I knew I wasn't going to avoid contracting this thing forever... I'm one of... one of the last. This place is so quiet now. It used to be teem with life... now there's just silence along with empty corridors. I should probably go for one last walk... while I still can...

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